My first blog! Oh, so exciting! Well, it’s all about the new Pond’s BB Cream today. This is one product I’ve been using for a couple of years now. I stumbled upon this product, when I went hunting for a quick fix. I was supposed to attend a cousin’s wedding and forgot my foundation. (Duh! BTW, I can be that forgetful.)

So, here I was, desperately looking for something to save my day. I found the Pond’s BB Cream at a local chemist’s shop. The shop hardly had anything, it was dark, dingy and the shopkeeper had no expression on his face. I wanted to turn around and leave, but just then a little shiny cap caught my eye. It was a mini pack of this BB cream! After looking at it, asking what the Ponds BB cream 9g price isand with much skepticism I bought this little 9g pack and yes, I used on the wedding day and since then, I have been a huge fan.

So, what about it?

This is the best over-the-counter blemish balm. I’ve used others, so trust me when I say that. I have an oily skin, but I still use it, so I can comfortably say that the Pond’s BB cream is good for oily skin. Which ones have I used? No, I’m not badmouthing other brands. No drama blog!

The pack says, it offers spot coverage and a natural glow. Well, it’s medium coverage all over. Don’t expect a completely flawless look. It is foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen all-in-one. Expecting full coverage from the new Pond’s BB cream is a li’l too much. I have some blemishes, but it’s not a problem skin, so this one’s suitable for me. All you need is to squeeze out some product, about as big as a green pea and it’s enough to spread all over my face. Another pea for the neck. And, I’m being realistic here. I’m not expecting it to cover all my blemishes and protect my skin from the sun. It just makes my skin look even and I love it.

It takes time to settle in, one of the cons, I guess. So, until it has settled in for a good 15-20 minutes, you’ll look like you’ve applied a 4-inch layer of makeup. (Not exaggerating!) What to do? Just give it time! You may have the urge to wipe off extra product. Well, try that. I haven’t, ‘coz I’m patient (Nah! I’m lazy. 😉

And if you start sweating or feel that your face is getting oily, just dab off the oil or sweat with a tissue. Remember, I told you, this Pond’s BB cream is good for oily skin and of course, daily use.

Hmmm… So, once it sets in, it’s like wearing no makeup! It’s incredibly amazing. I use the Pond’s BB Cream Shade 01 and Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and a light pink or nude lipstick for a day look. For a nice evening look, I’ve even worn it under eye shadow and it looks just fabulous. It holds makeup well and for long. Total fan! Are you wondering, how much does the Pond’s BB cream cost and what are the shades?

The details:

Available in 2 shades – 01 Original (lighter tone) and 02 Medium

Available in 2 pack sizes – 18g and 50g        

Offers medium coverage

Evens out skin tone

Quantity required – pea-sized for face only

Price: Starts from ₹62/- for 9g – ₹440/- for 50g

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